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And so the journey into 2024 begins with yoga

So my personal yoga journey is at the forefront of my New Year intentions this year and so far it is starting well.

(Please read on if you wish to hear my yoga ramblings… written to inspire the readers own personal 2024 yoga journey)

On the first morning I rose at dawn before the family, set up my mats in my back yard, turned on some smooth yogi tunes and lit an incense stick. It has been a while between immersions into yoga so I took my time and started with breathwork, then focused on movements and rhythmical upper body sways to loosen up neck and shoulders, I then flipped onto hands and knees and did some core work and then up into downward dog for a pause into stillness and strength. It was then that I apexed up to a ‘Warrior Dance flow’ and then moved through some balancing sequences to slow the pace and then down onto the ground to pigeon and child’s pose and then flipped into my back for Shavasana… all this as the rain started falling down on me. A very simple and basic impromptu yoga session but it was impactful in that I felt a hum of inner peace all day (even when family chaos got hectic). It felt sooooo good to be back on the mat.

Soon after I packed up and started to move inside… it started to rain pretty heavily so with that inner goodness vibe that yoga brings I somehow concluded that walking the dog out in the early morning rain would be the way to go. So off into the rain we went… we were drenched pretty quickly, the dog and I but I just kept smiling at how simple a pleasure it can be to break routine and comfort and just walk in the rain.

Later that afternoon my dear yogi friend, Kaycee activated her New Years Goal ‘to spend more time with friends’ and reached out… so our resolutions merged to leave us standing in the rain the next morning at 7am (so Day 2) ready for my first Aerial Yoga/Pilates session… it was fun! Swinging around between poses, all tucked in to a beautiful sheets of fabric that moved around my edges. And Shavasana was awesome (and too short) just lying in an engulfing hammock and swinging back and forth.

So if you are interested in following my yoga journey further comment below and I will keep posting


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