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The dark of the unknown and through to the other side.

Last night I had one of those moments… You know the ones that just pop up in front of you and you think “WOAW… THIS IS ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS… AND HERE IT IS… RIGHT NOW!!” and then it passes and you think… “WOW THAT JUST HAPPENED”. And then it was over.

So, I was facilitating the closing evening of the FIND YOUR SELF Women’s Talking Circle which is a 10 week program designed to lead you through a journey of finding a better relationship with your SELF... and it suddenly dawned on me, mid-sentence that the closing of this group circle was the finite defining monumental action of me running continual ongoing back-to-back Women’s Talking Circles for a whole year. And not just any year… my first year.

It was an epic epiphany moment of realising that if I had not stuck my neck out and done something new… that was scary to say the least (terrifying in fact… but don’t tell the participants on the first program) then I would not have had the warm and colourful kaleidoscope of divine moments, unreversible learnings and deep connections that I have had over the past year. All because I pressed into that fear and walked out into the dark of the unknown.

Don’t get me wrong… It wasn’t all skipping through the fields picking daisies… there were moments of inner resistance, discomfort, imposter syndrome and the realisation of the need for betterment (i.e. me wanting to scream out “I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH”) but in the long run I am stronger, more learned, more accomplished, self-proud and darn right tickled pink that I did it!

So, if you find that there is ‘this thing’ that just keeps popping up in your life and it gives you shivers of aliveness when you rest your mind into it… but the fear of moving toward it starts sounding like a million excuses resounding from the fear of it. Then start doing what needs to be done toward actualising it, all while doing what you are doing so that when the time comes, and the planets are aligned and you are ready for the opportunity… You can do it!

I hope you do. I did. And now I am doing ‘my thing’.

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Mar 27
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Such a great achievement Juliarna, how time flies too - strange to now think that I started in one of your talking circles approx 9 months ago, a totally worthwhile experience.😊

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