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The 3 minutes that will make it an amazing year.

My theory is that an invitation to a Rooftop Mineral Spa is a glimmer worth rearranging the day for. And so I did… and found myself floating in smooth tepid water with eyes closed and cool raindrops falling on my face. The body calms. The mind stills. The thoughts drift to simple things.

Soon it was time to move to warmer waters, this time it is a magnesium spa, turbulent and buffeting and I find my thoughts following suit.

Next an entry into the depth of the sauna to sit and breathe and sweat and radiate. It felt good. Like a purge after festive gluttony.

The journey shifts now as we, my friend and I, make our way to the 9 degree plunge pool and press ourselves into the freezing water. I’m taken by the sound of my girlish squeals and bodily complaints of the intensity of the cold acting harshly on my skin. My brain yells at me to GET OUT. And so after 40 seconds of intense discomfort… I do.

We circle around that same process once more. Building our body temperature back up and experiencing the moment.

The second time around we push ourselves longer into the freezing plunge pool and afterwards I am struck by how the ‘pain’ of the icy cold dissipates immediately after we get out.

During the 3rd round I ponder this opportunity to press into adversity and experience the full rush of intense bodily experience… knowing that it will dissipate as soon as I move away from the source.

I decide to stay in for 3 minutes. And so we do.

It is a powerful experience. Afterwards I feel strong, accomplished, assured by my resilience… and also bloody cold.

We warm ourselves up and dry ourselves off. It was a wondrous and superb way to spend a morning.

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