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Welcome to Wild Peace Unlimited

At the very heart of this hub of well being is the humble human Juliarna, who has been a Passionate inspirer, Empowerer and Carer of Women's growth and connection for many years. Juliarna has been running regular indoor and outdoor yoga classes in The Gap , regular Women's Yoga Retreats, Women's Talking Circles and related workshops in and around The Gap for over 5 years. The focus is always around 'exploring and awakening the inner self to enable a life lived to the fullest"

Listed below are the different ways in which to step toward your journey. Click on the links to explore further...


Women's Talking Circle

This is an opportunity to come together with other women in a safe and regulated space, to open up in new ways, into new experiences and new connections. Many women feel that they are transformed by the very experience and tend to look for deeper connections moving forward.

Yoga with Juliarna

Find Your Self!

Wild Peace Yoga Classes are fundamentally based in self compassion and gritty self care.

Join the community of local people who keep coming back for more... Juliarna from Wild Peace runs regular Indoor and Outdoor Yoga classes that are targeted to bring you a sense of well-being, increased vitality, self acceptance and compassion, physical comfort and strength and good old fashioned joy of living!

The hour long Yoga Class will lead you through a mix of Ancient Yoga moves, Qigong, Tai Chi and modern Core Strength activation - all mixed with overtones of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness techniques in the great outdoors.

Strengthen core

Build muscle

Increase Flexibility

Find Peace

Practice Self-Care

Alleviate Anxiety

Open your mind

Connect with nature

Try something different

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What to expect in a ZOOM Class...

The First step is giving it a go!

Zoom Yoga Classes

Once you have confirmed that you will be joining a virtual Yoga class you will receive an email and a link to a Zoom class for that allowed time and date.

To prepare for the class I recommend setting up a space and then pointing your device toward you so that you can see the screen easily from your mat.... then go into your emails and accepting the invitation to join the meeting!


Then Juliarna will welcome you to indulge yourself in your own journey and not try and keep up or perfect the moves.

"After all...The ultimate goal is to open your eyes at the end and feel that total bliss of being completely present in the moment."

Mindful Movement Classes take you through a mix of Ancient Yoga poses, flowing Qigong sequences and modern Core Strength activation - all mixed with overtones of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness techniques in the comfort of your own home.


"It seems we have no control over when our lives start and also when they end... But we have the power to work towards implementing activities and habits that keep us comfortable in our bodies and minds for as long as possible"


Get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to make contact.

The Gap, Queensland

0438 708 474

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