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What people are saying...


I always feel great afterwards & I sleep like a baby. 
I like a lot about it. Juliarna is spiritual & so positive; it’s dark so no judgement the stars; the moon; the company!
Changes for me - mind open; body flexibility; heart happy n peaceful 
Be open; it’s cosmic; but it’s great
Fundamental thing - happiness; awkward flexibility but total spiritualness - and gratitude!

Sandy Age 57


I started because the idea of gentle yoga in the park appealed.
I have continued going because it is joyful.
Juliarna is a great fun happy instructor and being out in the park early is a nice start to the day plus the group are a delightful fun bunch!
I have felt myself gain strength, flexibility and calm through the day.
After a tough few years my greatest gain has been a the marvellous connection I feel to this group - new friends are always a win! - and a renewed sense of self.

Jules. Age 52


What were you looking for when you first started coming - "The feeling of stress relief and calm" 

What do you like about It - "Great teacher, being out doors and you can go at your own pace"

What would you say to someone who was thinking about coming along - "Definitely join in no matter what your level of fitness or yoga knowledge. There's much to be gained from coming." 

What have you gained by attending regular classes - "A bit more self-belief and acceptance, friendship and reduced anxiety."



"The classes have helped my flexibility,  assisted with a shoulder issue and I sleep well, plus it made me think about my posture (especially when at work sitting) and silly as it sounds... think about breathing.
The classes are very relaxed and non judgemental and the stretching has been a real benefit."

Michael. Age 56


I have been attending Juliarna's classes in the park for about 18 months now.

At first it was challenging just moving again, but Juliarna's intuitively designed lessons and encouragement have been awesome for my mind, body and soul.

The freedom to explore and challenge our boundaries under the glorious trees in the park has me going back for more.

Any age or stage of fitness is welcomed.

My body is remembering what it is like to move more freely while keeping me more mindful in each moment.

Mary Ann. Age 54

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I love the classes. 

My body has always benefited from yoga, and Juliarna is an excellent teacher.

I like the variety, being in nature, my feeling of wellbeing and attending yoga under the stars helps keep me sane and flexible.


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